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Hello and welcome to the blog specifically intended for answering the asks directed towards the OOC of ask-killian. Here you will find all manner of OOC posts. Hope you enjoy what you find here.

This blog is not spoiler free.
- Vicki

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OUAT 4x02 episode still

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Even Marshmallow is a cs shipper.

© caipteancalahaan

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"Come back to me, love…"

(part II of this.)

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Cool OUAT Family Tree by David Anderssonimage

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Once Upon a Time 4x02 “White Out” - SNEAK PEEK #1

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The mystery of CHARMING’s father is solved. It is Louis from Interview with a Vampire

What I thought actually. XD

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CTV 4x02 promo

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Someone take photoshop away from me. 

loose premise: Princess Elsa has her father grant the Jones brothers a Kings commission. 

I’ve got a (probably au) headcanon where the king that sent hook and his brother to Neverland for the purpose of weaponizing that root was Hanz, who had taken over Arendelle after queen Elsa went missing. 

so yeah. hook/elsa.

I didn’t mean to ship this but there it is.

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OUAT Frozen BTS on GMA
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