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Georgina Haig as Elsa on the set of Once Upon A Time 

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4x01 | A TALE OF TWO SISTERS - Première photo promotionnelle!

Source : TIME

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"It was scenes with Marian out in Grannys Diners front yard yelling about what a monster Regina is to a group of onlookers that included the Evil Queen herself. Robin Hood, Roland, Captain Hook, David & Mary, Emma, Henry, Leroy & Walter were all on set for these scenes at various points." (x)

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First still from season 4!


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Don’t tell Regina.

Circa 1988


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You know, last year at Comic Con, there was a Jolly Roger set up for the cast to sign autographs….you know, to promote S3.

And then, I was just on twitter, and saw this.

Jolly Roger spotted! Too bad I don’t have any magic beans to trade. @colinodonoghue1 @AdamHorowitzLA #ouat #SDCC2014 http://twitter.com/Lrenny_21/status/492158041479860224/photo/1

So, OBVIOUSLY, Captain Hook/Killian Jones/Colin O’Donoghue for the second year in.a.row. is uh, slightly important to ABC & OUAT.

Can I get a pause now on every CSer concerned about Colin’s worth & longevity? FFS.

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